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Padmavathi Yantra!

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Devi Padmavati Sadhna is basically for attaining wealth but people looking for jobs or new venture can also benefit from her Sadhana.
Tirthankara Parshvanatha was a prince in the kingdom of Kashi. He was known as prince Parshva then. Once he went to see an ascetic who was performing some penance by lighting the logs of wood. On the outskirts of the city this ascetic, whose name was Kamath, was performing the ritual of penance. Parshva had divine vision and only he could see that there were two snakes (male and femalHe asked Kamath to remove that log but Kamath could not see anything and accused Parshva of trying to break the penance. Parshva was the only person there who knew what was happening.When his requests were rejected, Parshva ordered one of his servants to disturb the fire and remove the log in question. Servant did as he was told and everybody saw that there indeed were two snakes in the log. The snakes unfortunately did not survive and died. But before their death Parshva recited Namaskara Mantra and the snakes died in peace.

These snakes in their next birth were born as Dharnendra (one of the Indra Gods with the name of Dharan) and Padmavati. Kamath was very angry but he could not do anything, as he was proved wrong.

After few years Parshva left everything and went away in search of eternal happiness and became a monk. One day Parshvanatha (Parshva) was standing in a meditation in one park where a demon called Meghmali arrived this Meghmali was no other but Kamath who had died and had taken birth in the form of Meghmali. Meghmali wanted to take revenge because of what had happened in the past life.
Meghmali created all sorts of obstacles to break the meditation. He made heavy rains to fall on Parshvanatha with severest intensity. Parshvanatha continued in his meditation. He was not moved or disturbed by this severe calamity. Water started rising and it came up to the knees of Parshvanatha and it was still rising. At this juncture Dharnendra and Padmavati came and created a big lotus, which lifted Parshvanatha above the water. Dharnendra made a hood (snake hood) to prevent Parshvanatha’s head getting wet. Parshvanatha was still in deep meditation. Meghmali at last gave up his evil acts and apologized. Parshvanatha forgave him.
This story of obstacles created by Meghmali is quite famous. Dharnendra and Padmavati saved Parshvanatha and people believe that they still come and save anyone who in is trouble.

However it is noteworthy that Padmavati is revered more than Dharnendra. In fact she is the single most popular goddess in Jains. She is, as stated before the dedicated deity of Lord Parshvanatha, the 23rd Tirthankara. Her colour is golden and her vehicle is the snake with a cock’s head. Padmavati’s idols are found in seated position wherein her right leg is resting on the ground and the left leg is resting on the right thigh. Some images are found in a lotus position as well. Most images have snake hood over head.

She has a red complexion and has four arms and her two right hands hold a lotus and a rosary. The two left hands hold a fruit and a rein. There are different forms of goddess Padmavati. Shvetambaras usually have her idols with four hands. Digambra image of Padmavati has upto 20 hands.

The Sadhna of Devi Padmavati is basically a Jain Sadhna for the purpose of attaining wealth and prosperity. On the eve of Diwali. Every Jain Sadhak performs the sadhana of Devi Padmavati to get blessed with wealth and prosperity. It is quite evident that Jain Society is really prosperous and wealthy and that is because of the amazing effect of sadhna of Devi Padmavati.

As per Jain scholars’ words, Devi Padmavati sadhna is so fruitful that every individual irrespective of religion or community should try it and gain prosperity. For Devi, there is no religion or caste barrier and she bestows her blessing on each and every one who worships her with dedication, devotion and purity of heart.


  1. How can we worship Maa Padmavati is that we can wirship the same wat we worship
    Other idols As i dnt beling to jain communuty can I also keep photo of Maa Padmawati in my house and get her blessings to b successful in Business

    1. Hello ,

      You may have it with other idols but please make sure that you do dhoopam and deepam post which some prasadam to be offered to Maa Devi.


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