Monday, February 14, 2011

The following temple is located in a lush green forest of kaannathur, kasargud dist in Kerala.  The temple is called Nalwaru, which litreally means 4 persons. However, the four persons at the temple are 'gods of ghosts'! The four deities are Ugramurthy, Panjurli, Raktha-Chamundi & Vishnumurthy. This temple is very sacred, and people fear the deities of the temple. The temple is filled with a lot of tantric powers, very typical to any Keralite temple.  The main purpose of this temple is that it servers as a people's court. Most of the disputes are settled in the temple courtyard, this has been the practice for many decades now. A plaintiff with truth on his side can give a petition to the temple authorities. And defendant will receive a memo (similar to a court's order) from the temple. If the defendant refuses to obey and decides not to respond to the orders from the temple, and decides not to show-up for hearing at the temple, such persons will be faced with sudden misfortunes, and sudden deaths in their family. Further more, It is also believed that such persons souls will be held by these 4 ghost gods. People in the region and in and around Mangalore, Karnataka are  very scared  of these 4 gods and do not even speak of these gods casually. Hence they normally show up to avoid the wrath of the ghost gods. It is to be noted that one of Mangalore's air crash victims soul was held by one such Ghost gods, and after a lot of begging and cajoling by the victim's family members the ghost gods released his soul, but did tell that all the victims soul from that crash is still held by them, they also confessed that it was not them that caused the accident, but a pilot's error. Mangalore Airport's runway was built after relocating a Ghost deity temple. This pilot's error was later confirmed by the investigation team.  The popular belief in this region is when a soul is held by a ghost god/s, the food prepared on their ''teethi'' is untouched by the crows or any other animals.

Although, they are not the typical temple we see elsewhere, they are indeed very powerful by all means and very sacred to this part of the country. No black magic will work in this temple, and anyone with ill intention cannot even enter the temple. They are ruthlessly punish the wrong doers. People from all faith worship these gods and frequently visit the temple to get swift justice and to find closure to their problems. It is strongly advised that anyone with no truth to his/her story should avoid giving petition to the temple, if they do they too will face the wrath! This temple is definitely one of its kinds-put this in your must see temple list!

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