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Sri Prahladavardan (Ahopilam) temple (108 Devaya Desam)

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Aho’ means Lion.  ‘Pilam’ means cave.  As the Lord appeared before His devotee Prahladha, He is praised as ‘Prahladha Varadhan’ and his consort is known as Amirtavalli, Chenchulaksmi . Sri Prahladavardan (Lakshmi Narasimhan) temple is located in Singavelkundram (Ahopilam) in Krunool dist. Andhra Pradesh. This Temple is around 2000 years old. Indira theertham, Narasimha theertham, Papanasa Theertham, Gaja theertham and Bargavatheertham are the holy teertham. 

  Prahladha, son of demon Hiranya Kasipu was a staunch Vishnu devotee while the father was adamant claiming that he alone was supreme.  He demanded son Prahladha to show him his Lord.  Undeterred by the threat of his father, Prhaladha said that He was omnipresent and also in the pillar.  Hiranya hit the pillar with his club.  Lord Narasimha appeared from the pillar and destroyed the demon.  The palace where Prahladha said to have lived was reduced to ruins later and is now a jungle. 

The temple has nine forms of Lord Narasimha as His appearance from the pillar, tearing the stomach of demon Hiranya, his roaring indignantly, cooling down as Shantamurti responding to the prayer of Prahladha and so on. 
The hill is called Garudachalam and Garudatri as Sri Garuda performed penance here.  As Tirupati is called Seshadri, Ahobil is called Garudatri.Sri Garuda the eagle vehicle of Vishnu, His Holiness Sri Azhagia Singar the first Jeer of the Mutt had the darshan of the Lord at the temple at the foot hills.

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Sri Garuda and Prahladha had the darshan at the hill temple.

The temple enjoys the reputation of being called Nava Narasimha Kshetram as there are 9 Narasimha temples both at the foot and top of the hill totally.

Foot Hill Ahobil temple has 1) Bhargava Narasimha (Sun), 2) Yogananda Narasimha (Saturn), 3) Chakravada Narasimha (Ketu).  The hill temple has 4) Ahobila Narasimha (Jupiter), 5)Varaha (Krotha) Narasimha (Rahu), 6) Malola Narasimha (Venus), 7) Jwala Narasimha (Mars), 8) Bhavana Narasimha ( Mercury) and Karancha Narsimha (Moon).  Worshipping all the Narasimhas in a day means worshipping all the planets at a time.

There is also a story that Perumal left Vaikunda at the request of Garuda for Narasimha incarnation, He married Mahalakshmi here in the guise of hunter.   There is a water falls on the hills named Papanasini.  Varaha Narasimha shrine is above this place.  Two km away is Malola Narasimha while 3 km away is the place where the pillar stands from which Narasimha Murthy appeared for Prahladha.  There is a 85 feet tall pillar made of a single stone before the foothill temple called Jaya Sthamba-pillar of victory.  The foundation for the pillar is 30 feet down the ground.  It is believed that any prayer before this pillar will be duly responded.  It is said that Sri Rama on his way to rescue Sita prayed here and felt that he had won the battle, according to scriptures. 

This is the headquarters of all Ahobil Mutts.  His Holiness Sri Narayana Yatheenthra Maha Desikan Swamigal is the 45th Jeer of the mutt. When Bhagwan Adi Sankara faced threat to His life, He worshipped all the Nava-nine-Narasimhas and was saved by the Lord, according to Sankara Vijayam volumes.

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