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Rejith Kumar-A serious Lord Muruga Devotee

Our life experiences shape our belief system. Let me introduce you to the man who has successfully channeled his personal tragedies into an inspirational story. When Rejith lost his father in 1991 his world came crashing down. This is the man he looked up to, who taught him way of life, a hero to emulate. A volley of emotions took over Rejith. He was angry, very angry at the god. After his father’s demise, he turned into an atheist. He remained an atheist for the next 5 years. Just when he was settling down as an atheist, tragedy struck again in 1995. His younger brother, who was his best friend passed away too. Unlike the first time, Rejith was not angry at god, after all, he was an atheist. He was now looking for an answer, even if that meant going against his ideologies.  On behest of his brother’s friend, Rejith decided to meet an astrologer to find answers. He took his late brother’s horoscope with him. After reading the horoscope, the astrologer declared; prayers would have made a huge difference in this person’s life. That was the moment of truth for Rejith, the guilt was overwhelming and he immediately reverted to  theism. 

Rejith Kumar, 42, a government employee is a father of two. He hails from a small town Thrissur in Kerala, is an ardent Lord Muruga Devotee. Although not uncommon, it is rare for a Malayali to worship Lord Muruga. In 2001, right after his 28th Birth day, a mystic dream laid the first stepping stone towards his spiritual journey. In the dream, lord Muruga appeared as a light and said he would come under lord's protection after his 30th birthday. Little did he knew it was the starting point of long, fascinating journey towards finding absolute truth. Right after the dream he set out to Palani Muruga temple, the only famous Muruga temple he knew then. For the next 2 years, Rejith was curious about the dream and eagerly awaited for his 30th Birthday . At his 30th birthday, he again had a dream where lord Murugan appeared as a cherubic boy and doctrines him into a spiritual movement, gravitating towards lord Muruga. 

A modest Rejith with a pinch of excitement explains the dream to me: 

“ Even after 14 years, I still vividly remember the dream; that night I had a sleep paralysis and could not move my body other than my mouth. Lord Muruga appeared as a small boy and requested me to repeat after him. He recited a mantra three times and I repeated it after him. I have no recollection of the mantra as such, I just remember lip syncing.”

Bogar In china as Lao 
Rejith, shared this special dream with his friend.  Although, he was a believer now, he wasn’t quite the religionist. On his friend’s advice, both Rejith and his friend left for Palani for the second time to seek blessings of Sri Palani Muruga. From then on  Rejith continued to see lord Murugan and Siddhars alike and receive messages. The Messages are usually of high spiritual interests. The following siddhars appeared to him in dreams and in meditations and they are Yacub,  Bogar, Guru Babaji. All had specific message and sometimes task to complete.  It was through them he learnt that  Bogar Siddhar created two Navapashanam idols. One which is being worshipped now at the sacred sanctum at the Palani temple and the other is kept secret. The other idol is to bring world order when rouge regime rule the countries, where there is no escape from tyranny, and blood shed of millions of innocents become a way of life. The second navapasanam Idol of Lord Murugan is worshipped secretly.  Navapasanam Idol is made by blending 9 poisonous herbs in such a way that it loses its toxicity and turns into an antidote.

In Indonesia, Vasuki Temple with his wife

21st December 2012 was the start of Lord Muruga age. This is when all the hidden knowledge and forgotten knowledge from Lemuria continent (Kumarikandam) will be revealed to the world and resurrection of Tamil Language, culture and everything to do with Tamil will happen. A golden age for Tamil civilization. World will see Tamil connection in every civilization henceforth, says Rejith. He also believes Bogar created the Mayan calendar and Dec 21st 2012 was not the end of the world like many thought, but the beginning of Lord Muruga age. 
In Bhutan. Blue jeans and Blue jeans shirt are his
uniform approved by the lord, says Rejith. 

Post 21st Dec 2012,  in his meditations he sees the lord as blob of bright white light accompanied by a voice instructing him his next task or any special messages. The first 13 years of his spiritual life was kept secret and only a very few people knew of it. In those 13 years Rejith was asked to meditate in special places of high importance.  He undertook both national and international trips on his own. All the travel expenditures were covered by him. He has been to Srilankha, Bhutan, Tibet, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand & Russia. Locally,  Kanyakumari, Thiruchandur, Palani,  Anjeneyar malai, Parvatha malai are some of the places he has visited.   

In the first 13 years of his spiritual journey, he was asked to visit places around the world so that he receives the blessings of all the 5 elements (Pancha butham) namely, Space (Russia),  Fire(Rameshwaram), Earth(China), Water(Thiruchandur), and Air (Parvathamalai). 

With a calm  demeanor he explains each experience: 

@ Moscow
Moscow, Russia (Space):   During one of my meditation sessions, I was asked to visit Russia, Moscow in particular to receive blessings of the Sky, one of the 5 elements. Before traveling, I was asked to visit Anjeneyar Malai in Palani and The Theosophical Society in Adeyar, Chennai. Only after visiting the Theosophical Society in Chennai did I realize that the founders were of Russian origins. In Moscow, I visited the resting place of Lenin, the celebrated leader of former Soviet Union. Right after the visit, while waiting for my guide outside, a benevolent stranger walked up to me and held both my arms and requested me in Russian to visit Yuri Gagarin’s resting place. Only then I learnt he was the first human to journey outer space.     

Rameshwaram, India (Fire) : In 2012, was asked to visit Ramaeshwaram on Shivanrathri to get lord
Shiva’s blessings. I had got specific message that I should visit the fire place close to the famous Rameshwaram temple. Along with my friends we drove to Rameshwaram and reached on the previous day of Shivaratri. We enquired with the locals about the fireplace, none of them knew. On a hunch, I asked where the graveyard was and it was close to the temple! When we reached the graveyard, it was middle of the night. To all our surprise there was an agori baba waiting for me. He asked my friends to wait outside while he and I performed rituals very specific to agori sadhus of North India. We were there for little more than one hour.  Next day, we enquired about the agori baba and nobody seems to know anything about him. 

Thiruchandur, India  (water): Probably this is the first time I said 'No' to a task. In the dream, I was asked by the sea to come to Thiruchandur, stay at the temple over night and meditate the next morning. I was skeptical about staying overnight. So I told the waves (it was talking to me!) a Big ‘NO!’ . My answer infuriated the sea and the waves rose up to great heights as if it were a tsunami and about to gulp me whole. I was scared and half heartedly agreed. The waves came back to normalcy. My friends and I visited the temple, and to our surprise we saw a lot of sleeping mats spread inside the temple complex. Initially we were denied from using them, but the temple authority took pity on us and let me and my friend use them. Every year temple allows devotees to stay over night right before the first day of Surasamharam. This is a 10 day event at the temple. I was woken up at 2:30 AM, and by 3:00 I was at the temple sacred sanctorum! 

Beijing; Shanghai, China (Earth): During one such message , I was asked to Visit China and bring a handful of mud from there and keep it at the cave where sage Bogar penanced. I visited China and completed the task. 

Paravathamalai, India (Air): Again, after a dream, we embarked our journey to the holy mountain. We weren't aware of the route, so, a friend of mine insisted on taking a guide from Thiruvanamalai who was also a resident  sanyasi. When I told him about the purpose of my visit, he looked at me as if I were crazy.  He was very sure Bogar had nothing to do with Parvathamalai. Reaching atop of the hill, it was not only Bogar jayanthi that day, but also there was an idol of Bogar. The Sanyasi promptly apologized to me. And that started our tradition of celebrating Bogar jayanthi every year.

Rejith has several such interesting experiences, visiting the most unassuming places on earth.  Recently, he has found many several energy centers on earth like the Highgate Murugan temple in Central London, Tiger nest in Bhutan, Vivekanada Rock in Kanyakumari. Recently he received a message that Lord Murugan has manifested into Sun and there are 7 prominent energy places corresponding to Sun on earth. So far only 3 places have been revealed to him and they are Kanyakumari, Konark Temple in Orissa, and Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. He doesn't know when or how the remaining four will be revealed to him. He will be soon visiting these places. All the travel he is made so far is to receive the energy.  

One of the few important tasks  Rejith is assigned  by lord Murugan is to install Naga Vinayaka idol in Easter island, the idol is now at a friend's place. The other task is to give a photo of lord Muruga in intense form only to those politicians, and people in power who has lord Murugan’s approval. He received this photo during his trip to Thailand. The recipient of this photo should worship secretly with a secret mantra. 

Although he has many experiences in the past 15 years, only a few stands out i.e, visit of lord Murugan to his house during January shahsti in 2012--Rejith Narrates; 

 “It was a day as usual. I was outside my house and suddenly I went into some sort of paralysis, I suddenly felt intense heat all over my body. I could not move my body, only my ears were open. A voice said, ‘Sri Palani Murugan in Raja Alankaram with kings power has arrived!’ Then suddenly someone pulled my beard as if they wanted me to look up in the sky. To my surprise a small patch of cloud cleared to reveal a very bright orb! It took me 30 minutes to cool my body down. No one was around. Just me witnessing it all. The other incident that is close to his heart is when he met Yacub Siddhar in Azhagar Malai. ‘The siddhar   appeared right infront of me and touched me’. He was dressed as a Muslim saint. It felt like he came from the sky and flew up above high!’ 

Rejith also met Mumtaz Ali Khan popularly known as Sri. M. The voice in the meditation had instructed him to touch his feet. Not all of his experiences has spiritual meaning to a normal human being. This avid Murugan devotee follows and does exactly what is instructed to him by the spiritual higher beings. His friends Senthil, Prem, and Lalu has witnessed his journey from close. Rejith is very thankful to them for sticking with him during difficult times and never casting doubt. ‘Sometimes being there is all one needs’, says emotional Rejith. 

On Lord Muruga’s order he founded Palani Murugan Yugam Trust . You can contact him at Mobile: +91 9446446233 Email: