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Seetha Parvathi Temple, Avani Village in Kolar Dist

It gives me immense pleasure in narrating the following temple story. This one story should be enough to feed hopes among childless couple. If you're trying for a baby with no luck, then this is the temple you should be visiting soon. The story I am going to narrate is that of Seetha Parvathi Temple in Avani Village in Mubagalu Taluk, Kolar district in Karnataka.

This is a very ancient temple with rich history to it. The temple history dates back to Ramayana Period.  After rescuing Seetha from Ravana's captivity, Seetha returns home. Seetha is pregnant with twins, Lava and Kusha. During the victory procession, a washerman doubts Seetha's chastity and gossip's with a fellow worker. Hearing this, disturbed Lord Rama sends pregnant Seetha back to exile. Sage Valmiki comes to Seetha's rescue, he takes her to his Ashram. There he nurtures pregnant Seetha with great devotion.  Seetha worship's Godess Parvathi with lots of love and devotion.  During this time Seetha gives birth to twins they live in the Ashram for several years. As young boys Lava & Kusha, challenges their father for a war by tying the AshwaMedha (Horse).  A war breaks out between Lava & Kusha, and Rama & his brothers. Lord Rama and his 3 brothers commit garve mistake by waging war on children. To absolve their bad karma, they establish Couple of shiva lingas called Ramalingeshwara, Lakshmanalingeshwara, Bharathalingeshwara & Shatrugnalingeshwara and cleansed their sins. This place is called Gaya of the south. This place also happens to be where Lord Krishna tied knot to Jambavathi. Successive kings later constructed temple complex around the sacred lingas.


The Valmiki cave

Bharatha lingeshwara and Shatrugnalingeshwara

in the background on the other cliff is the Sita Paravthi temple

Swayumbu Parvathi Devi

a view from different angle

The idol of parvathi Devi is a swayumbu and the goddess temple is located further away; at an elevated platform from the Shiva temple.  Many centuries later, Parvathi Devi appeared to Adhi Shankara Charya and expresses her desire to establish a Seetha statue next to her swayumbu vigraha. As a great devotee of Shakthi, Adhi Shankara Charya execute her order with great care. Hence this temple came to be known as Seetha Parvathi Temple.

The Dhanushkodi water Tank
The speciality of this temple is you can experience goddess Parvathi Devi's miracle while you're at the temple premises. This temple is located in the premises of Valmiki Ashram. Sage Valmiki lived in this harsh terrain of large boulders. He meditated inside caves. Even today one can find this cave in good condition.  The mud found inside the cave has medicinal properties and used extensively by the villagers to cure stomach ailments. This temple is famous among childless couples. The temple is quite different from the other temples in every aspect. Couple who wish to have children should undertake a small hike to reach the temple (The temples are located on top of the cliff). One will find a water tank called '' Danushkodi''. Here woman should bathe. Without changing the cloths she should carry unbroken coconut with other pooja ingredients and pass through the caves. As soon as you reach the main GarbhaGudi of goddess of Parvathi, the woman starts feeling sleepy and eventually falls asleep and starts dreaming immediately. What you see in your dream is the answer to your questions. Most women describe seeing a woman with ''big bindhi'' on forehand, dressed traditionally & handing out things related to pregnancy like cribs, or baby's anklet etc. This mystery woman is none other than goddess Parvathi. What is more important here is devotion and belief. Also, following the rules of the temple strictly.

Some women who did not believe this, went ahead to test for themselves. And as a result they all did fall asleep at the temple. Instead of seeing a calm, loving woman, what they saw was a scary lady who scared the hell out of them.  When they realized their mistake, the ever loving Parvathi devi blessed them all and fulfilled their wishes too, hence turning non-beleivers to believers. What these woman saw was the ''ugrarupa Parvathi Devi''.  Also, not every women gets to fall asleep. If you're pre-occupied with things then the chances are you may not fall asleep. Even if you fall asleep, you may not see the godess. So please take care of your thoughts and pay attention in following the rituals when you visit this temple.

May all your dreams come true! jai mata Di!!


  1. We had very good experiences, faith is the pillar of moksha and this place has tremendous energies.

  2. We had very good experiences, faith is the pillar of moksha and this place has tremendous energies.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Where is water where one could take bath. Is that in hill top going through stairs. Approx how many stairs.


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