Saturday, October 2, 2010


It gives me immense pleasure while writing temple stories. Bringing fascinating temple stories is always my priority. However, my enthusiasm evaporates quickly as soon as I find ancient temples that lie in ruins. There are a large number of temples in India that need our attention. Yes, there are many temples today that are in ruins with out proper maintenance. Yes, lack of funds pushes these ancient temples to look like a ‘haunted space’.  In these temples, instead of usual Vedic hymns, scent of incense sticks, the colorful flowers and their captivating smells that wafts the temple space, and the sound of the bells are replaced with Cob webs, various insects, weeds, bats, constant buzzing of crickets and the poops of stray animals and the stench that stretches for a mile are a common sight. The temple reflects an eerie atmosphere.

We have a responsibility to look after these temples just like how our fore fathers did.  There is an absolute necessity that we should maintain these magnificent, beautiful temple for the rich history it holds. It does not matter how big or the small the temple is, what really matters is how we take care our place of worship.  We have to show our commitment to our belief. We need to work towards restoring the past glories of these temples. Our ancestors trusted us and left these temples for us in good faith. Let us not betray them. Instead of passing the legacy to he next generation, we have put a full stop, bringing everything to a halt. I have decided that going forward, I will write about temples that stand in ruins. I expect your participation in renovating these temples in whichever way you can. Very soon I will come up with a plan as how you can contribute your donations. It is extremely important that we repair these buildings. Besides, Ayodhya there are temples in India which are screaming out for  “HELP’’! I hope people take a note of it. I wish the generous devotees pay heed to these cries and help it in whatever ways they can. 

May the lord bless us with happiness, prosperity, health and wisdom! 

Jai Hanuman! 

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