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Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple-Kateel

Kateel, a famous pilgrimage and a tourist center is situated on the banks of River Nandini, amidst beautiful surroundings. Kateel surrounded by panoramic scenes and beautiful hills. The temple at Kateel is dedicated to Goddess Durgaparameshwari (also known as Bhraamare or Bhramarambha). The holy temple is situated in the middle of the sacred river, Nandini. Kateel is located 25 Km North of Mangalore city in Dakshina Kannada (South Canara) district.

Legend of Kateel:
During the early part of Kaliyuga, severe draught hit this place. It did not rain for years, the earth was parched and the rivers were dry. People suffered scarcity of water and food grains on the earth. Even Brahmins were forced to eat meat for survival and the people were on the verge of becoming cannibals.

The great sage Jabali (jaabaali Maharshi) was disturbed from this. Through his 'Jnana Drishti', he learned that Arunasura the demon king who escaped from death and fled when goddess Durga slew Shumba and Nishumba. Later he became the leader of the demons and began to disturb the sages and destruct their Yajnas as a revenge against the gods. This has resulted in drought and scarcity for years.

Jabali maharshi, decided to perform a Yajna to put an end to people sufferings & to bring peace. He went to devaloka, approached Devendra and requested him to send the celestial cow, Kamadhenu with him for the yajna. Devendra informed Jabali to take Nandini (Kamadhenu's daughter) instead, as Kamadhenu had been to Varuna Loka.

Jabali went to Nandini and requests to accompany him but Nandini, insolent and egoistic, refused to accompany Jabali to the earth as she termed it the land of sinners. Jabali, in his anger curses Nandini to flow as a river on the earth. Realising her mistake, Nandini prayed for mercy, kindhearted sage advised her to pray to Goddess Durga to freed her from the curse. Nandini prayed to Goddess Durga, who appeared before Nandini and told her that she has to flow as a river as a result of the curse because the curse of Jabali Maharshi could not be taken back. Goddess Durga informed Nandini "I shall take birth as your daughter at the center of the river and free you from this curse".

Nandini emerged as a river from Kanakagiri on 'Magha shudda Poornima' day. Jabali performed his yajna. All gods were pleased and the earth was once again green.

Meanwhile Arunasura performs a rigorous penance to gets a boon from Lord Brahma, which he would not suffer death by Devas, Danavas, Men or Women, any two legged or four legged creature or any weapons. Brahma also blessed him with Gayatri Mantra. This makes Arunasura free from fear of death and he becomes more powerful.

Arunasura wages war on gods and defeats them and conquers devaloka. The Devas prayed Goddess Durga for rescue. Goddess said that unless and until Arunasura is prevented from reciting Gayathri Mantra she too would not be able to destroy him. The devas sent Deva Guru Brihaspati to Arunasura, Brihaspati praised Arunasura's powers and questioned the necessity of his reciting a mantra to another god. Flattered by this praise. Arunasura gave up reciting the Gayatri mantra.

One day Goddess Durga took shape of Mohini, a charming woman and appeared in Arunasura's garden. Seeing this charming beauty Arunasura, decided to marry her and approached her. The beautiful lady revealed the true that, she had killed Shumba and Nishumba (from whom Arunasura had escaped death). By listening this, Arunasura got angry and tries to kill the woman with his sword. She disappeared into a rock. Arunasura slashed the rock with his sword. Suddenly, a vast swarm of bees emerged from the rock and stung him. Goddess Durga had taken the form of a big, furious bee that is 'Bramara' and stung him repeatedly till his last breath.

Gods led by Jabali Mahrshi performed abhisheka with tender coconut water and prays Bramaraambika to bless the world in her Saumya Roopa (tender posture). Then Goddess appeared in her Saumya Roopa in the middle of the river where present structure of the temple imparts its glory to the world.
The Name KATEEL:
The word 'Kati' which means 'center' (between the 'Kanakagiri', birthplace of river Nandini and the end) and 'lla' which means 'area'. Thus the place is called 'Kati + lla' - Kateel.

Thus Nandini is freed from curse of Jabili by the birth of Godess Durga Parameshwari in her. 

Found this beautiful temple story of ''Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple'' from here I have not edited anything and reproducing it as it is from the website. Amazing story and every Devi devotee has to read this Temple Story to know how Great the ''Durga Ma'' is. 

May the Divine mother bless us all with happiness, prosperity and health! 

Jai Mata di! 


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  4. nice post! during navratri puja me along with my mother used to visit Maa Durga Temple in our village and offer her prayers by chanting durga mantra and be on fasting for 9 days.


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