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Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple-Polur

Updated on 3rd Jan 2012 12: 49 PM MST :  

One of reader has an interesting information to share, he also happens to be the direct dissident of Ogur Srinivasa Rao, the devotee who bought the bells. Thanks, Raghu sir, much appreciated! 

 A group of workers were breaking down stones on a hill called Sampath Giri  in Polur village in Thiruvanamalai dist. of Tamil Nadu. Workers were busy doing their job. One of the workers sphear hit a rock, and for everyone’s shock it started bleeding. They were frightened and left for the day. One the same night, Lord Narasimhar showed in one of the devotees dream. Lord Narasimhar said that he has come one his own to sampathgiri as shantha Murty. Next day, the devotee informed this to the villagers. All villagers came to see the idol. They were all shocked to see the lord bleed. All the villagers came together and built a Maha Mantapam for the lord Narasimhar. They worshiped the lord with great bakthi and shraddha. A temple was built atop of the hill for lord Narasimhar. Later people installed Lakshmi- the consort of Lord Narasimhar.

  Lord Narasimhar invited two brothers namely kolasthiyar Rushi and Pulasthiyar Rushis to this temple. These two rushis were ardent devotees of Lord Narasimhar. These two sages did penance to lord Narasimhar and the lord was impressed by their devotions. Impressed by their bakthi, lord gave them a mango. A fight broke up between the two brothers as who would take the mango. In the spur of the moment, Pulasthiya rushi chopped his younger brother Kolasthiyar’s hands. Even after losing both hands Sage Kolasthiyar continued to worship the lord with great devotion. He took bath at ''seyyar'' (3kms from polur) for 48 days (i.e. 3 mandalams) and circled the SampathGiri. After 48th day, Kolasthiyar's hands reappeared magically! This not only surprised the sage, but also others present. It was Lord's plan that Ustavmurthy should be installed by Kolasthiyar rushi. Lord came in Kolasthiyar rushi's dream and gave direction as where the uthsava murthy was. It was in a place called Karapoondi in seyar. The sage went to look for the utsavamurthy with the direction given by the lord. He found the uthsava Murthy and established a temple i.e. down the hill.

 Later, a king from vijayanagar dynasty expanded the temple. The king built a temple for vengopala swamy and his consorts Rukmini and Staybama. They also carved 840 steps on the rocks for the devotees to reach the Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar temple. Even today the devotees use these steps. Some 160-180 years back lord again appeared in one of the devotees dream and said that he needs bells for the temples. The devotee, Srinivasa Rao later bought bells for the temples. Even today, one can find this big, majestic bell at both temples and can also see the painting of Srinivasa Rao on the wall.

There is a cave here called ''Annai Guha'' this cave was used by many spiritual leaders like vittobha, Hari das to meditate. There are two water tanks here. One in the top of the hill called Bramha theertham and the other at the bottom called Pularsthiyar Theertham There are two vultures that fly around the hill and people believe that they are the two brothers Kulasthiyar and  Pularshtriyar. The hill which is opposite to Sampatha Giri is called Sapthagiri. It is believed that the 7 sages still reside in this mountain. This temple is completely built by devotees after lord showed up in their dreams. This place is very powerful and all the prayers are answered in no time. The temple festival is celebrated according to Kamakshi temple of Kanchi!

May the lord Narasimhar bless us all!


  1. simmeswaran temple for Simha Rasi, Makha Star born, is this the one same at Polur ? Murali, chennai

  2. sir ,
    this is to say that i am great grand son( i.e srinivasa rao is my grandfathers father) of sri Ogur srinivasarao, polur.
    lord Narasimha, cured his accute stomach paid, by playing Nagaara- a drum like instrument and then on his paid disappeared! this storey was carried to us by our fore is also said that he worshipped the lord with kalam milk and kalam curd apx 96 liters for 48 days and got Dharshan of Lord. His portrait on the wall got tarnished . we are away from the place and only locals to protect it.

    Ogur Srinivasarao, even changed his priority of god from Lord Venkataramana -thirupathi kula devaru to lord Narashimha....
    He was contemporary of Sri Shankarshana wodayaru, and after getting the coconut prasadams from the saint -sri shankarshana wodayaru -he got children . The age matches to 160-180 yrs and not 600 yrs.

    we now occasionally visit the temple , but never forget.

  3. the place where utsavamurthy was found is Karapoondi and not parapoondi. Karapoondi is still exists. there a madhwa saint sri shankarshana Wodayaru entered brindavana.the brindavana is still there. this saint only blessed Ogur srinivasarao with children.

    The rishi's name is Pulasthiyar and not pourasthiya.
    the name Polur is corrupted version of PORULUR -in samskrit 'sampath '


  4. Thank you very much for the wonderful information! Thanks for correcting me. BTW, I am a female and you may call me Kamala.

  5. Very nice information. thank you. Temple timings?


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